Thursday, February 27, 2014

Please enjoy the 1st chapter of:

Douglas Danner C.I. (Canine Investigator)

Garrett enjoyed the walk from the edge of his property where he parked his 97' p/up truck. (always have a clear get away) He chuckled to himself, as he walked the 1/4 mile path to his cabin carrying a few groceries.

Garrett turned towards a clearing as he headed for home.  The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he saw his golden retriever "Douglas", sitting behind the water tank.  Douglas was quietly waiting for him.

Garrett stashed his bag of groceries behind some bushes & crouched behind a few smaller fruit trees.  Douglas didn't move a muscle waiting for his command.

They'd been together for over seven years.  Garrett rescued him as a pup from drug dealers during a meth raid.  They had kept him in a glass gallon jar with a few air holes poked in the lid.

When they raided the house and Garrett saw him ... the puppy stood up against the glass and began wagging his tail and letting out some short excited yips.  His fur was standing out like it was electrified but, his snout was sleek.

"Uh-oh ... love at first sight," Randy Folks his partner joked.

He was finally named Douglas and followed Garrett everywhere.  His toenails clicking all day long on the Agencies highly polished floors.  Bringing smiles to all his co-workers at the CDS (Crime Detection Squad). As he grew older he became quite the stealth walker.  Silently showing up at someones desk just when they were going to unwrap a sandwich.

Despite his floppy ears he had a serious expression and was so intuitive concerning people that he became a genuine asset to the team.

From his vantage point Garrett could see two black SUV's backed in and parked on the other side of his garage.  Evidently they were expecting him to drive up his front driveway.

Douglas turned to watch the action at the cabin then back at Garrett.  His ears perked up when one of the men approached his dog house.

Garrett motioned him to come and when Douglas stooped to pick up something before joining him, he had to chuckle in spite of their predicament... Douglas had rescued his floppy doll "Violet" (so named for her purple dress & embroidered name on the dress) from the cabin.

Pulling Doug close, Garrett began back tracking towards his truck.

Garrett smiled when Doug glanced over to the bushes where he had hidden the groceries.

Grabbing the sack of groceries Garrett prodded, "Come on Eagle Nose".

They stopped by a small group of rocks so Garrett could dig up a metal suitcase.

"Grab a shovel and help, will you Doug?"

Douglas gave him a patient look and hopped into the back of the truck next to the groceries.

Garrett swung the suitcase up into the back of the truck just as a huge explosion shook the ground.

Douglas let out an involuntary bark as Garrett yelled out "What the Hell!"

"Come on boy ... up front with me!"

Douglas was quick on command.