Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My #1 job is to be kind ... everything else will fall into place

Monday, January 09, 2017

When You're Over 65

I'm embracing my senior years by becoming a healthier me ...

Wearing a coat
drinking more water
taking naps
eating more snacks

Sunday, January 01, 2017

"100" Days of Writing Tips & Ideas

Day 1 - Put on your listening ears ... writing down interesting names & ideas for titles ...
               Keep track with your favorite pen & journal (I can't be the only one with favorites)

              Write ... write ... read & write some more

Day 2 - I use my clipboard full of binder paper  to capture those post-a-notes that I can't
               seem to resist writing on. I transfer those thoughts & ideas to my journal ... I'd     
               rather save a fragment of an idea than to wonder later what it was I had thought of. 

              Write .... write

Day 3 - The love of being a writer emerges from being an avid reader.

               Read .... write and read some more

Day 4 - Years ago I started an A-Z picture file. A good place to put old calendar pictures ...  
              greeting cards & magazine pictures ... I'm a sucker for anything with a balloon.

              Write .... write ..... draw and write some more

Day 5 - Gift yourself with a label maker ... organize your files ... label your containers of 
              office supplies & your snacks

              Write .... snack .... write and  snack some more

Day 6 - Embrace thinking about your writing ... think of ways to enjoy writing new ideas.
              If you love to cook ... write down recipes and send them to friends ... Write a cookbook ...
              remember how brilliant I was back in 1987 throwing away a cartoon cookbook because we
              all agreed the title was stupid ... "Cookbooks for Dummies" .... don't throw anything away!

             Think ... write & think some more

Day 7 - Have the latest Writer's Market book ... don't rely on old information.
             Don't be afraid to send out query letters for your book ideas ... research the right
             publishers for your ideas ... children's books or cozy romances ... mystery books,  
             cookbooks or game ideas and greeting card verses.

             Read ... research ... think .... snack and write

Day 8 - You entertaining short story writers ... Mystery or Romance check out Woman's World
             Magazine. They pay $1000 for a short story. Buy the magazine every week and look them up
             in the Writer's Market Book ...get to know what they are looking for ... So Fun!!!

             Read ... read ... and write some more

Day 9 - Be sure to Track your submissions ... I use a simple system involving a heavy children's
             tablet page (the only thing missing is crayons)
            I tried to download a copy of here but, the computer is still laughing ... it includes
            Title       Where Sent     When Sent   When Back    Sold      Payment   comments

            Be sure to keep a Submission Tracker with each article you've submitted (in its file)

  You can design your Submission Tracker any way you like ... 🐾
                                 Keep a file for your rejection slips ... yes, you'll get them.

            Track ... track ... snack and write some more ✐ 

Day 10 - Try to simplify your daily planner ... yes, I know their cute & hard to resist. Eventually
            you'll quit recording items when there is too many places to write in.
            I have a work planner (I use for everything) and a simple one for recording articles, stories, 
            etc. that my folks and I have submitted to publishers. This simplifies our individual writing 
           submissions. 👀

            Write .... write and write some more

Day 11- Usually when I start a project, I come up with the Title ... then the very last sentence.   
             coloring in the middle with interesting plots and words ... not so easy.          
             Even though I'm always thinking about writing (sandwiched in between snacks and naps) I
             try not to have a rigid schedule... (although that may work for others) I try to be flexible
             and write often. I enjoy writing bits and pieces all day.   
             When the seasons of my life change and my responsibilities are different I stretch my writing
             around the slivers of time available. Oh sure, I could give up a nap or two but, that is often
             where I get some great ideas.

             Nap... dream .... day dream ... write and write some more

Day 12- When writing find a method that works for you ... pen & binder paper on a clipboard ... mini
             recorder ... laptop ... kids tablet and pencils (yes, that's my preferred method). If it makes you
             happy and if ideas start flying about ... Voila!!! ... Success.

            Write ... write ... and write some more

Day 13- Daydreaming is an essential resource for a writer

             Dream .... dream and dream some more

Day 14- Research is your BFF.... the Library is researches BFF. Schedule time to visit your local  
              library. Make sure your card is up to date and enjoy hanging out with your friends ... the
              Books!!! Even I would pass up a peanut buster parfait to visit a bookstore or office supply

             Research ... research... research then write some more

Day 15- Give yourself a break ... don't worry about rushing your projects. I have been working on a
              personal writing project for over 7 years and have enjoyed gathering information and have
             yet begun the actual writing process. It will stay in the gathering season for awhile.
             I'm one of those writer's who has lots of ideas (that's why I store them in a file) but, not that
             many that are commercially a winner.
             I love it when a movie or a book comes out with the same idea I was working on ... it makes
             me feel in tuned. It's a privilege to write for others ... and a little success would be okay to.

             Gather ... write and gather some more

Day 16- Creating a verse of poetry is relaxing and rejuvenating. If you are one of those dedicated
              poets I salute you. My attempts always wind up in my greeting card idea file.  I have on
              occasion sold a poem or two in my first years of writing. I wish I had kept up with it more
             Poetry cleans the fog out for me ... I just needed a gentle reminder

             Create ... write... create and write some more

Day 17- Challenge yourself .... write a blog ... use twitter ... get a cool small fat tablet and write
              something every day on each page ... even if it's just the date. We ARE writer's.

             Write .... write ... write ... and write some more

Day 18- Don't envy the success of other writer's ... be inspired!

              Write ... write ... write ... and write some more

Day 19- Embrace the stamp ... snail mail is not dead! Send out entertaining notes to your friends ...
              Occasionally I will send out a crossword puzzle idea to a friend ... I have posted short stories
              to my blog ... I put out chapter one to a story and YET to go any further (my apologies to
              those friends waiting for chapter two of Douglas Danner-C.I.) 
             Get those query ideas out in the mail.

             Write ... write and mail

Day 20- Start at the beginning ... develop your ideas ... research your markets and keep writing.
              Write ... write and write some more

Day 21- Quiet Time is not essential for my writing ... I write anytime .... anywhere. It's wonderful
              when you can get some quality quiet time but, usually I use it for a nap.
              Write .... write .... nap and write some more

Day 22- When asking someone you trust to evaluate your writing, prepare yourself for some
               criticism. If they say everything is wonderful .... and fabulous ..... find someone who will
               give you honest criticism. Criticism that will challenge you. Your ideas may be wonderful
               and fabulous .... But, our writing should be critiqued before an editor gets it.
              Write ... write.... and write some more

Day 23- My 91 year old dad is back at it on his blog ... whatbobshares.blogspot.com  He has been
              busy writing on a new story and book. I do his typing and submissions so it keeps me busy.
              but, when you help others discover the joy of writing it gives new life to your own gift.
              Read and enjoy the work of others ... then write some more

Day 24- Don't waste a good idea by not writing it down.
             Write and write and then write some more

Day 25- Writing is a lifetime journey.
              Write and read and write some more

Day 26- Sometimes ideas need to marinate for a few months or even a few years.
              Think and write then think some more

Day 27- If you are a walker & a thinker ... take along a mini recorder and capture those thots
             Walk and think and walk some more then think some more

Day 28- A messy desk is a delight.
             Make notes..... think...... Make more notes.... think some more 

Day 29- When I lived in Arizona about 35 years ago I rented a house that had a whole wall bulletin
               board built in. I was in hog heaven.  I used it to put up chapter headings and chapter ideas ...
              It was a sticky note thing of beauty.
              When I moved from there I started using the back of my bedroom door or if I had sliding
              closet doors they became my work board. I loved it. To see your ideas in front of you is so
              rewarding... give it a try.   (unless you have a cat and then all bets are off)
             Write .... organize .... and write some more ✐ 

Day 30- If you have too many projects going at once I got some beautiful tote bags for a few dollars
              at my nearest grocery store and put a tote on an over the door hanger. One for ideas and now
              I have several totes where I can put ideas in progress that I don't want to get lost in the
             Write .... write and write some more

Day 31- Don't underestimate quiet time ... dust off your brain cells & let them recharge.
              Rest ... think and rest some more

Day 32- Your internal editor-self loves to step all over your creative-self ... so after your writing each
              day, set it aside before editing for a day or two.
              Write .... write .... set aside .... and write some more

Day 33- Writing in a journal every day helps if you are having trouble writing every day. Buy a
              cheap composition book and mark the first page with your birth year and every other page
              go up a year until you reach your present age. Try to fill in those pages with your life. You
              will be surprised how much you have done. And it doesn't have to be public reading ... 
              it's just for your thoughts.

              Write and think and then think some more

Day 34- If you are working on a novel (fact or fiction) be sure to make notes about each chapter...
              this will make writing that dreaded synopsis so much easier.
             Write and organize .... then write some more

Day 35- Enjoy what you are writing ... there will always be better writers than ourselves. Let them
              inspire you and hang out with better writer's (that's what I do)
              Be inspired and write ... then write some more

Day 36- Ideas often pop up when it's most inconvenient ... so if you're dining out with friends go
              ahead and use your napkin ... or placemat ... or theirs ... we are an eccentric bunch.
             Capture those thoughts .... write and write some more

Day 37- When well meaning folks keep asking you if you've sold anything ... just answer "Not Yet"
              and keep writing. Time is our friend ... we have a lifetime of hopes and dreams to write.
              Write ... write and write some more

Day 38- As writer's we're so easy to buy presents for ... a book of stamps, a nice pen ... a dictionary.
              It's great.
             Write .... write ... and write some more

Day 39- One of the reasons I enjoy Twitter is because it's a great spot to share fun ideas in the least
              amount of words. It's great practice for someone like me who loves to ramble on. You have
              to bring that idea into a very few words ... I love it.
              Please share your twitter address with me if you'd like ... It would be great to see what you   
              are posting ... here is my twitter address ... smltalkbigthngs ...
              Write ... write ... be succinct ... and write some more

Day 40- Writing seems hard ... because it is! Lots of folks talk about wanting to write but ... you do
              the hard work. I salute you.
              Write ... write ... nap then write some more

Day 41- Compelling characters bring life to your story. If they feel real to you... your reader will love
              them to.
              Write ... and write & bring your character to life

Day 42- When someone innocently asks "Penny for your thoughts" ... they have no idea you were
              thinking about the villain you are creating for your suspense novel. One of my main
              characters from "A Letter from Nathan" a suspense novel I'm working on is an actor from
              the old TV Series ... Crazy Like a Fox ... Jack Warden. I can picture him in action as I'm
              Create ... create ... create and then create some more

Day 43- Big Lofty writing goals are hard to digest. Take tiny 5 minutes a day bites.... use your
              favorite timer (mine's an owl) & set it for 5 minutes. Completing small goals is exhilarating.
             Write ... time yourself and write some more

Day 44- Don't underestimate your creativity ... thinking about ideas is not complete until you write
              them down ... when you put pen to paper those ideas will explode with creativity and it will
              surprise even you.
             Think ... think .... and write

Day 45- I love to work crossword puzzles ... I'm always working on one. I enjoy creating them ...
            clues, graphs, the works. No, I haven't sold one ... not yet.
            I get ideas while doing a puzzle, even if it's just an odd word or two to add to my list of "I've
            got to use this word somewhere."
            If you know how to work Sudoku Puzzles ... you should be writing the War & Peace sequel ...
            just saying.
            Exercise your brain ... write & write then write some more

Day 46- I ordered a double clipboard from Amazon and I love it ... so many uses ... while building a
            crossword puzzle, clues on one side ... answers on the other. Work on a story on one side and
            synopsis on the other side. So handy.
            Write ... write ... write and write some more

Day 47-I envy writer's who have a book idea and just get to work on it ... my OCD Leaner mind
            churns out about 20 ideas a day (at the least) and sometimes sap me from working on the
            stories or ideas that could be productive and sellable.
            This is why my little idea file has become a big file box. This helps me a lot. Every few
            weeks I go through this box and make files for ideas that can go forward.
            Every day that I can go forward with writing I feel like a success.
            Believe in yourself ... believe ... believe and then write and write and write

Day 48- Great ideas that aren't written down are still just thoughts.
             Write ... write ... write

Day 49- Make a list of things to-do to complete your project ... title ... index ...chapter titles ...
             research ... characters ... word count ... etc. etc.
             Organize your list by your priorities and use it for your plan.
             Write and plan then write some more

Day 50- Visualize your writing projects as if they were already a reality. Do they feel real to you?
             Does it feel like a chore to you ... or do you love writing?
             Love your writing ... then write some more

Day 51- When reading writing self-help books or articles on writing or tips such as mine ... pick out
             one idea that seems of interest to you or helpful. Don't try to accomplish all things you
             read ... this is your journey and sometimes the road signs are helpful along the way.
             Enjoy your journey ... it's a wonderful path ... just keep writing

Day 52- Your first sentence should be a whopper!
             ... When I first won the Mega Lottery it was so exciting until I couldn't find my ticket
             ... The cabin in the hills was a perfect get-away to finish my novel ... I just wasn't expecting
             the bear at the back door.

              A sentence to grab your readers and keep them reading.
              Write ... get excited & write some more  ✐

Day 53- Often times we feel like our minds are blank when it comes to writing ideas but, when you
              pick up your pen and pad the ideas will come out of nowhere. Secretly hiding in the little
              nooks and crannies of our imaginations ... greeting card ideas ... household hints to submit to
              a magazine ... a good recipe to send to a friend ... that title you've been searching for.
             Ideas are there ... they just love to jump out when you're driving or sitting in the dentist chair.
             The ideas will come ... then write & write and write some more

Day 54- I love to draw ... especially cartooning. When I was younger I used to dream of illustrating
             my own children's books. I had scrapbooks of my drawing and I even had a comic strip
            published many years ago. But, then life happened and I quit drawing at some point and didn't
             even hang on to my earlier works.
            I thought I lost that talent but, a few years ago I bought a couple small tablets and started
            drawing again and slowly it's coming back.
            I'm one of those folks who has always loved colored pencils and YES ... adult coloring books.
            What a relief to know the joy of the comeback. Don't give up on yourself ... ever.
            Draw ... write ... draw and even color ... but, keep writing 🖉

Day 55- Don't forget the fun projects of kids coloring books ... drawing paper dolls ... puzzles and
            games. Crosswords ... etc. Sometimes we forget how creative we are or used to be. Take those
            fun ideas you've thought of during the years and dust them off. Breathe life into them.
            Create ... create and write some more

Day 56- I do a lot of self-writing that gives me soul satisfaction ... journals ... letter writing ... bible
            studies ... etc.  Not everything is for public domain. I just love to write. It inspires me and
            energizes me for story writing.
            Love your writing and then write some more

Day 57- It's great fun to have a "Writer's Bucket List" ... a list of things you'd like to write and
            accomplish ... equipment you've been dreaming of ... a great laptop or camera ... or a writer's
            get-away... things of that nature. Places you'd like to travel. Your list could be endless. I'm
            always adding to mine and love when I can put a checkmark next to something I've 
            accomplished ... like doing a blog and an article on writing tips.
            Dream and dream then write and write then write some more

Day 58- There are so many genres in the writing world ... this gives us so much freedom. We can
            expand our interests and ideas. From mystery/suspense to romance and comedy. SyFy to
            historical ... fact or fiction. How-to ideas ...artistic endeavors ... opinions/letters to the editor.
           Way Fun.
           Writing gives us freedom ... setting those thoughts free that are running around in our mind.
           Write and write .... have some fun then write some more 🎈

Day 59- Are you a foodie? And a writer? What a wonderful combination .... thinking about food and
           writing. Creating menus and recipes every day ... exciting. Sending out recipes to friends in
           notes or blogging about food. I know there are lots of blogs out there on food but ... find your
           niche. Do you make amazing spaghetti? How about an article of original healthy recipes from
           A-Z. The possibilities are endless. I'm working on a page for my blog about recipes ... I love
          cooking also... especially on my healthy journey.
          Think and create and write and then write some more 🍜

Day 60- Trust the reader ... love what you're writing! Your readers will find you ...
          Write and write & write some more

Day 61- Magic is at your fingertips ... bringing truths to some ... adventure to others ... a needed good
          laugh to many. It's a magical world ... step into it.
          Write & write and write some more 👣

Day 62- Simple truths are just that ... the more you write ... the better you get at it.
          Keep writing ... then write some more ... then write some more

Day 63- Challenge yourself on occasion ... write 1000 words every day for a week ... write
          encouraging notes to family (even in the same house ... but, mail them) ... use pen and tablet
          this week to write your notes (there is a certain closeness to seeing your thoughts up close).
          Enjoy your craft.
          Write and write and write

Day 64- Do you love "The Goonies" ... or "Sherlock Holmes" ... or "Games of Thrones & Twilight?"
           How about "Person of Interest" or "Stargate?" The great thing about movies or TV shows is
          that they often inspire little sparks of ideas. Ideas motivate and encourage us ... gifting us with
          an abundance of thoughts we can use productively in our own writing. Get out the popcorn.
          Enjoy the talents of others .... then write and write and write 🍿

Day 65- Yikes! Good adjectives are worth their weight in gold. When you run across great verbs or
         adjectives ... write them down. You'll be glad you did. Another List? Of course ... ha.
         Write ... and write and write ... then write some more

Day 66- The great thing about being a writer is that we don't punch a time card. We slip our talents in
         between ... fixing dinner ... bathing the kids ... coffee breaks at work and weekends. Freedom is
         our middle name and we are the boss. We make the choice to write or not. I remember years
         ago packing up my ideas and waiting several years before getting back to it. Having a life is not
         wasted years ... it was great to come back to what I love to do.
         Enjoy your writing ... then write and write and write some more

Day 67- One exciting writing journey is a "Correspondence Ministry" ... sending notes to strengthen  
        others ... giving comfort to the fearful ... rescuing someone who is discouraged. Sending a note
        in an I-Miss-You fashion.
        Write and write and write some more

Day 68- Writers are ageless ... I've watched my 87 year old mom write every day on her books. She
        has finished a 292 page cozy mystery and half way into the sequel ... plus many short stories.  
       We have to write every day. Of course life sneaks in here and there but, we love getting back to 
       our talents. After the flu last month, my mom was most anxious to get better so she could get  
       back to her writing. That's how we writers are ... dedicated.
       Write ... write and write

Day 69- I am trying to break the habit of working large chunks of time on projects that will probably
        never sell... I enjoy working on them but, I don't want to forget the projects that are more user 
       friendly ... like creating bible crossword puzzle books (I love crosswords) If I could just focus 
       more ... :)
       Write smart and then write some more

Day 70- It's hard to be patient when submitting your writing ... your genius thoughts and Pulitzer
        prize winning ideas. But, editors are busy folks. Submit your idea ... be patient and get back to
       writing. Such is our world.
       Be patient and keep on writing

Day 71- Be encouraged ... if you get a hand written note written on your form rejection slip from an
       editor .... Wow!! That is awesome.  Very few writers get those ... be excited.
       Be excited and be encouraged and then write, write, write & write some more

Day 72- All the writing tips in the world won't help if you're not writing.
       Write and write and write some more

Day 73- My mom was saying last night that when she first started her story and novel writing that it
       helped her to draw bits from her own past and surroundings ... it gave her something to expand
      Think and write ... then write some more

Day 74- New at this ... thinking about writing?  Think about a list of areas that interest you and write
      them down:
     Greeting Cards
     Cooking Articles  ... Hey! You're writing.
     Think and write

Day 75- Don't be afraid of challenging yourself ... are you an inventor? Do you have ideas for
      products? Are you an innovator ... great ideas for others that you could be posting on a blog?
      Comic Book designer?
      I feel like a huge success if one person can relate to one of the hundred ideas I'm writing about. I
      love writing so much that I challenged myself to doing this article ... lame or not ... ha.
      Write and write and write

Day 76- When you order The Writer's Market book ... enjoy it from cover to cover. They have great
       query letter advice ... tips from authors, etc. It's a treasure.
       Read and read then write some more

Day 77- Feel out of ideas? Head to the library and enjoy the atmosphere ... it's a great place for
       inspiration. Stuck at home? Write some note cards to friends ... it will make you feel good.
       Write and write and write some more

Day 78- When you are my senior age it seems like time just flies by (like a super jet) ... I want to take
       advantage of any spare moments & think about what I'm writing ... about any future ideas and jot
       down words or thoughts that might enhance them for my readers. Yes ... my readers ... your
       readers. They are such a delight to your world. Give your readers the best you've got ... they are
       worth it.
      Think and write and think & write some more

Day 79- Invest in yourself by writing today
       Write ... write ... write and write some more

Day 80- Last night I didn't take my own advice while snuggled into bed with my C-PAP mask on and
        I got a great idea of something I had wanted to do ... I knew I wouldn't forget it by morning ...
       wrong. I should have gotten up and wrote it down.
       This after mom and I were discussing last night that when God gives her an idea for her book
       during her sleeping hours ... she gets up and writes it down.
       But, there is a happy ending ... I remembered it just when I was headed to the shower. Yippee!
       Write it down and keep on writing

Day 81- What a delicious day ... take a bite out of every moment by writing your thoughts about you
        in your journal or clipboard or on sticky notes. Think about you ... write about you. We're
       writer's after all!
        Think and think then write and write and write some more

Day 82- Those pesky motivational drains ... Fatigue, ideas seem muddled, maybe too much
       television... writing and writing can cause fatigue... even when we love it. Get up take a walk 
       outside for a few minutes. Start fresh tomorrow ... get a good nights sleep.
       Rest and rest and rest some more 🛏

Day 83- Too busy to write ... Searching for a quiet moment?
        We don't always need a quiet moment ... we're warrior writers. We write on napkins & old
        envelopes ... we're versatile.
        Grab a moment and write and write

Day 84- It's all about you ... you control what you like to write. We all have friends or family who
        can sometimes knock us off the track with well meaning suggestions and they derail us. I went
        off the tracks for 3 or 4 years because of a remark once made to me ... "You're writing just
        Christian stuff ... right?" Well, frankly no. I let good ideas slip through my fingers because I was
        so stuck on writing religious articles or stories after that.
        There was a big empty hole in me ... so I filled it with gambling. Then, the Lord picked me up 
        and filled me with so many great ideas that I felt like there was no more room for gambling.
        I love to write children's adventure stories ... greeting cards ... business articles ... fiction
        stories ... non-fiction ... puzzles .... I love it all! Thank goodness I came back to me after
        listening to the Lord.
        Listen ... listen and write and write and write

Day 85- Don't just dream of being a successful writer ... see yourself there and put an action plan
       together. An action plan of writing and writing. Reading writing magazines .. jotting down ideas.
      Write and write and write some more

Day 86- Wonderful ... wonderful readers! They encourage us ... they inspire us ... they beg us not to
      kill off characters and wish we'd hurry up with the next book ... they are amazing. In your mind
      imagine the thousands of folks who will be reading your works. That's what I do ... I think of
     what will excite them in a children's story and fire up their imaginations. I love it. I pray you do to.
      Write and write for them ... then write some more

Day 87- Become "Unstoppable." We know that we have a life with responsibilities, but that's what is
      so exciting about being a writer. We carve out moments in our day where we can inspire
      ourselves with a great idea ... or the perfect ending for a story. Sometimes in our season of life all
      we have time for is a notebook we can carry around and jot our thoughts down into. Then seasons
      change and we have time to actually sit down and write. Life is an exciting journey and we are
      Write and write and write some more

Day 88- Some folks are blessed with that ability to really paint a scene with descriptive words. You
      feel like you are right there in the midst of the action. That is not my talent. I have to really work
      at it. I use dictionaries and Pictionary's, etc. Whatever I can to move the story along. Don't give
     up when you reach a hard path in what you are working on. All the research you are doing will
     pay off ... an enjoyable piece of written work.
     Write and write & do some research and write some more

Day 89- I would like to quote from Phil and Kathleen Peters authors of "What Do I Do Now?" ...  
     One thought at a time. One small book at a time.
     Write .... write and write

Day 90- Once again I was all cozy in bed with my C-PAP mask on and I started getting the idea for a
     children's book. Rats! I told myself I would remember it in the morning ... yeah right. SO I got up
     out of bed and wrote my idea down and low and behold I had a few more ideas tucked inside of
     me. I'm so glad I got up. I went to sleep thinking about royalties.
     Write and write and dream and write

Day 91- We are bonded together by the love of writing and loving to read. What great friends we are.
      Read and write and write some more

Day 92- Being a consistent writer teaches us to be more confident in ourselves. We give more to our
      family and friends ... even our jobs. Be excellent in all you do ... no one can do it for you. The
      next time someone asks, "penny for your thoughts?" ... say, "I'm thinking about a new character
      for my book."
      Write and write and write and be excellent

Day 93- When you are working on a story or a novel ... we get to be exciting characters ... characters
      with humor or virtue or menacing or brave, the list is endless. We spend our time in a story that
      we hope our readers will love. Embrace your imagination.
      Write and enjoy then write some more

Day 94- There is no such thing as a simple thought ...we're writing geniuses ... :)
       Think & think ... then write some more

Day 95- As a writer once in a while someone (a non-writer ..... a muggle) will suggest that I focus on
        one idea and stay with it. But, wouldn't that be like tunnel vision? It's not a terrible idea but, I
       live in a kaleidoscope world where my ideas are colorful and change often.
       Think fantastic thoughts and write and write ... then write some more

Day 96- When I first started this challenge to myself 96 days ago of sharing ideas, my goal was to
       share part of my journey with someone who was interested. We all have our own journey but, it
       was such a privilege to learn so much from you. I hope my next few days will be of some help
       because I know I have grown from your support. Thank you.
       Write and write then write some more

Day 97- The perfect writer's meal ... big hot cup of coffee or tea ...peanut butter and jelly sandwich 
       on sourdough or BLT on homemade wheat bread. Each of us have our own favorites .. set your
       own routine and love it. Find your favorite mug for coffee or tea while writing. Mini routines are
      great for productivity.
      Eat and write then eat some more

Day 98 - What I find fascinating about writer's is that we can take a pen and a legal pad and create
      worlds where our reader's are inspired ... comforted ... curious ... challenged and educated. They
      turn our works into movies and TV shows ... often into other languages. All from a pen and pad.
      What an exciting adventure we live.
      Write and write and then write some more

Day 99- Rejoice during the day when your thoughts turn to your writing ... don't think of it as a hard
       task master. Writing gives us the freedom to escape into wonderful lands and characters. This
       should be a pleasure .... enjoy your writing ideas.
       Write and write and write & write some more

Day 100- My mom (Donna Bell) will soon be 88 years old. She has had a dozen or so art instruction
       books published through the years but, because of failing eyesight no longer can paint. Her
       painting books are sold on EBAY and she loves giving painting advice.
       She is currently working on her sequel to her first cozy/mystery book of 292 pages and over
       92,000 words. She uses magnifying glasses of all sizes and works every day on this book.
      My 91 year old dad (Bob Bell) is quite a writer in his own right ... working most days on the most
      fascinating stories... children's and adventure. 
      I am the chief ... cook... bottle washer and typist. I love typing their projects and sending them
      out. I get plenty of opportunity for my own projects and those two are such an inspiration.
      Because that's what writer's do ... they write.
      Blessings on all your writing endeavors