Tuesday, February 03, 2015

When you are an OCD leaner ... you check your door locks again & again ... then once again right before bed ... Your medicine cabinet is way too orderly ... towels folded just so on the shelf (that no one can see) ... etc. ... etc. ... I'm a leaner :) 

Us OCD leaners don't hang our clothes on color coordinated hangers ... well, unless they're available :)

We OCD leaners also keep our empty jigsaw puzzle boxes even when the puzzle is done ... glued and framed and hanging on the wall. What if I needed it for something ....

We also take our eggs from the carton in a symmetrical fashion

OCD leaners arrange their magazines just-so on their coffee table (heaven forbid someone would want to read one)

OCD leaners don't just toss their mail on a table

We also attempt to arrange our groceries in our cart while shopping ... Yikes