Monday, December 14, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Kindness

Day One - Take Christmas cards and stamps to a shut-in

Day Two - Give out Christmas cards with festive tea bags

Day Three - Give out phone cards to the homeless

Day Four - Tip the dishwasher when dining out

Day Five - Treat all your family better than we do strangers

Day Six - Take an elderly neighbor on an evening drive to see the Christmas Lights

Day Seven - Give out Christmas Cards to your neighbors

Day Eight - Take Christmas Treats to the third shift at your nearest Nursing Home

Day Nine - Take extra umbrellas or gloves in your car to give away

Day Ten - Put a train set together for under your tree or on the dining room table

Day Eleven - Pass out fancy shoelaces in Christmas cards to kids

Day Twelve - Pass out Blessing Blankets to the homeless ( pray a blessing over them at home )

Remember, Jesus is enough ... Encouragement is like health food ... it nourishes those who are starving for pleasant memories.  Small acts of kindness can fill in the empty holes.

My sincere prayer is that we would disarm the enemy with daily acts of kindness ...