Friday, July 01, 2005

Time Bandits

Why is it when you start a new job the "Time Bandits" are always lurking by..... Those co-workers who stand around wasting your time (so that when your supervisor walks by you are still talking to them) and they seem hard to get rid of.

Protect yourself and your work area....... there is some truth to the phrase "you are in my comfort zone". Buy yourself a clip board and put a legal pad on it and start making a list of job related questions for your supervisor. If you get trapped by a "Time Bandit" just start walking away or get up from your desk taking your clipboard. You'll have the appearance of being busy. If your supervisor stops you ... you are prepared with a few questions for them.

"Time Bandits" are tricky............ maybe they don't care about their jobs ... but, I know I do.